Maryland Rural Water Association, in conjunction with National Rural Water and the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development, has begun to implement a program to assist small rural water and wastewater systems by conducting Energy Efficiency Assessments on those systems. This project is a joint effort between the MRWA Energy Efficiency Advisor (EEA) and the small water and wastewater systems governing bodies and employees.

The system employees will provide system data to the EEA, resulting in a final report to be presented to the system. The report includes recommendations for potential energy savings by changes in operational procedures and an energy assessment of the major energy consuming equipment including motors, pumps, blowers, compressors, HVAC, lighting and building improvements. The energy assessment will outline potential savings resulting from replacing existing older, less-efficient equipment with new, energy-efficient equipment, as well as the estimated projected payback period from these energy savings.

This service is offered to water and wastewater systems within the State of Maryland who meet the qualifying criteria at no charge to the system.

Our Energy Efficiency Advisor is:

Dennis Bartholomew