Updating EPA’s “Find My CCR” links

Contributed by: Patti Kay Wisniewski, Drinking Water Preparedness and Resiliency Coordinator, US EPA Region 3

The public has reported to EPA broken links in the “Find my CCR” webpage. EPA does not update these links on behalf of water suppliers, but rather depends on water suppliers who wish to share their link to add to our page. This is not required but offered as a service to those who do not have webpages but are required to post their CCR on the web. Below are easy instructions for adding your CCR link to EPA’s page.

Directions on how to update links:

This EPA page “Tools for Utilities” (https://ordspub.epa.gov/ords/safewater/f?p=136:107:::NO:::), has a link to the CCR iWriter and a link to update systems’ CCR links on the “Find your CCR” page.

From the following webpage (https://ordspub.epa.gov/ords/safewater/f?p=136:104:), enter the PWSID.

On the next screen, water suppliers can update the links to the CCR and utility website. It may take a few days for the information on the public website to reflect the changes.

If any water system information that is auto populated is incorrect, please work with your state drinking water program to update their records about you. That information is provided by regular state reporting to EPA for the federal inventory of public water systems.